Performance Engineering

Maintaining Moore’s Law by scaling hardware resources is becoming increasingly challenging. At the same time, excess usage of computational capacity affects the energy footprint and battery lifetime of mobile and embedded devices. Slightest inefficiencies in memory management as well as the choice and handling of data structures result in exponential effects on processing throughput and the responsiveness of the user interface. Efficiency is crucial for scalable, future-proof software solutions and should be designed into the project right off the start.

Value Proposition

With our experience in performance engineering we boost your products in reliability, efficiency, responsiveness and scalability for a first-in-class customer experience.

Code Review

A manual inspection of memory allocations and the choice of data structures reveals the root causes for the majority of all performance issues. Based on our in-depth experience in the development of embedded and networked software, your source code will be subject to a trained examination and instant remedy for identified efficiency leaks will be provided.

Code Optimization

Embedded software tailored to the capabilities of specific hardware environments unlocks significant performance improvements for your application. We offer the know-how to customize software in order to allocate dormant resources of your target platform.

Architecture Consulting

Particularly for distributed and concurrent applications, a smart architectural design is essential. We offer architecture consulting based on multiple years of experience in the development of distributed embedded and desktop software.

CPU & Memory Profiling

Profiling tools help tracing down the most subtle and challenging performance hotspots. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art profiling tools for the most common hardware platforms.