Software Engineering

Software is probably among the most abstract items of human creation. Mindfully applied as a helpful tool it might be a milestone of evolution not less impactful than the skill of handling fire. Software is the key to dynamic and customized solutions. In a growing ecosystem of connected and mobile devices, it allows for short development cycles, quick iterations, incremental features and long-term maintenance via over-the-air updates and remote access. With a proper concept of long-living hardware and life-time software support, this is an essential contribution to a sustainable economy.


We consider software development sophisticated handcraft. Your product is our worksite. Based on multiple years of experience in large-scale software projects, we focus on the essentials and deliver taylor-made solutions with minimum overhead.

From Scratch

Join us on the journey through the development process of your software solution. Thorough comprehension of the customer requirements is the foundation for the construction of a solid design.
We perform lean development with close and continuous communication to the customer. Test-driven coding methods as well as evaluation based on user feedback help us deliver our software solutions with optimum quality and customer satisfaction. Integration and maintenance add a bright finish to the delivered product.

Architecture Consulting

Software architecture is the fine art of designing reliable, responsive and scalable applications. It ensures re-use, convenient maintenance and effortless extension of the developed software.

Enhancement & Integration

With experienced embedded developers on our team, we offer digital enhancement of your facilities and legacy devices. This includes solutions for the integration of third-party hardware as well as connectivity and automation.

Testing & Conformance

Using automated testing we validate existing software solutions against requirements and specifications. For interoperability applications we offer the development of conformance tests in order to prove compliance with the related standards.